Changing the Dream

The Changing the Dream Symposium, presented in Australia by Be The Change, is a groundbreaking not-for-profit initiative designed as a response to the urgent call of the Amazon Achuar people to “change the dream” of the modern world.

Through dynamic group interactions, leading edge information, and inspiring multimedia, participants of this one-day event are inspired to reconnect with their deep concern for our world, and are empowered to make a difference.

Designed by The Pachamama Alliance with the collaboration of some of the finest scientific, indigenous and activist minds in the world, the Symposium explores the current state of our planet from a new perspective, and connects participants with a powerful global movement to reclaim our future.

If you are ready to be disturbed, inspired and moved to action, and to be introduced to a thriving community of committed cohorts, then join us in exploring the most critical concerns of our times, and discover new opportunities to make a real difference in accelerating the emergence of an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet!

Mattress in a box

Mattress in a box

If you haven’t heard about a mattress in a box, then you have been sleeping under a bed. In addition to its comfort, people are raving about its convenience of getting it into the home. Mattress in a box is delivered to your door!

A large vertical-shaped box arrives, you open it and pull out a tall sanitized wrapped mattress. You place it on your bed platform and watch it unfurl to its regular size – that’s it!

Depending upon the brand name, Cozybed is available in all the sizes of a regular spring mattress – twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, and California king. This technology is a huge hit with sales that have made this niche mattress product millions of dollars.

Mattress in a box has become a popular concept with traditional mattress companies like Serta and Sealy et. al., who are now producing their own box mattress innovations.

These portable mattress products are mainly sold on-line. However, in the last year retail and furniture stores are bringing mattress in a box into their stores. Companies are building on customer satisfaction so they provide overly generous warranties and return policies.

For example, you get 100+ days to decide if you like your mattress. If you are dissatisfied within that trial period, you will get your money back. Also, you do not have to return the mattress, instead that mattress is donated to charity.

Depending on the brand name, their prices are very affordable because you are not buying a whole framed bed. Prices range from $500 to $1,000. The mattresses’ weigh between 53 lbs. and 130 lbs. depending on the size and brand model. The mattresses can range from 11 inches to 14 inches in thickness or height.

The foam material is the star of this innovative product. Mattress in a box are foam based and are made depending on whether you like soft, medium or firm. Their high-density foam material includes many unique features which are renewable resource innovations.

They are eco-friendly, CertiPUR-US certified, fire retardant, free from mercury/lead, phthalates and formaldehyde. The mattress foam materials include either a plant-based memory foam or a gel foam for cooling comfort with a 100% cotton covering or a silk infusion.

Mattress in a box sleeping comfort is highly rated. The different foam constructions are consumer reviewed with comments on their being durable and how comfortable they feel on the body’s main pressure points.

Their advanced sleeping constructions also receives rave reviews on their ability to accommodate different sleeping positions and body types because of their innovation style to conform, mold and support.

Advantages of Buying a Mattress in a Box

The Many Advantages of Buying a Mattress in a Box

A mattress in a box is more than a boxed mattress — this type of mattress is one purchased online. The structure of most of these beds are different than those in stores, usually made mostly of memory foam. Below are a number of the most popular advantages that consumers who decide to purchase these innovative mattresses get help from.

Don’t have to make trips to may furniture stores

The traditional purchase of mattresses and other pieces of furniture involves visiting their physical locations and browsing their showrooms and sales floors. While many areas do feature furniture stores, they aren’t wildly spread across cities, metropolitan areas, and towns like wildflowers, meaning consumers interested in visiting them must often traverse around and travel to several locations.

When buying a Cozybed mattress in a box Sydney, online, however, consumers are able to visit tens of stores in minutes, using search engines to choose from emporiums and online vendors that best meet their specific needs.

Being able to quickly search research reviews

Buying a mattress in a box is obviously done online, on which hundreds, if not thousands of reviews about anything and everything exist. Consumers can utilize search engines to find positive, negative, or neutral reviews on specific makes, models, and customer service protocol of manufacturers.

When consumers visit physical furniture stores, the only feedback they have is of sales associates who are commissioned to sell products, anyways. When you buy a mattress in a box, you don’t deal with sales associates whose sole purpose is to sell them for the store they work for.

The Internet is far more competitive than physical stores

Even metropolitan areas may only have a few furniture stores. Any smaller, sparsely-populated regions could only have one place to buy mattresses. In either situation, competition won’t be nearly as fierce as it is online. Because consumers can buy a mattress in a box shipped from Washington, Florida, New York, or Kansas — or even from other countries, competition is much firmer online… And that means lower prices, better deals, and more to choose from for you.

Stores have limited selections

Furniture stores and emporiums usually only have a few beds to choose from. Even the largest will only have tensof selections, while the Internet has a number of models for selecting the right mattress in a box for you.

No matter what mattress in box you decide to purchase, using the Internet to find your mattress is loads better than visiting furniture stores’ sporadically-spread, low-inventory-holding capacities.

Best Choices of Mattress in a Box

The Market’s Best Choices of Mattress in a Box

A majority of United States consumers choose to purchase goods online for convenience, easier returns, and wider selections. Buying things in person, whether it be a small town or jam-packed metropolitan area, provides for less direct competition than buying things online. People — given they have a technological device and access to Internet — can shop for virtually anything one can imagine. As shopping for goods in general online is the approach of the future, buying a mattress in a box shipped directly to your door is largely the way of modern furniture-purchasing Americans.

Let’s dig into some of the market’s most popular choices of mattress in a box to help narrow down which brand and particular model you are best suited for, along with other information about these compe


Casper’s high-quality mattress in a box is one of the upcoming digital-based industry’s finest beds. The manufacturers of “The Casper” put together four layers of comfit-providing cushion to those who lay on it. Three 1.5-inch layers of various foams sit atop five inches of base foam, a solid basis for the rest of the foams to rest on.

This manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of quality mattresses is headquartered in New York City. They have a number of radio, television, and digitally-based advertisements to build unmatched awareness of their mattress in a box product lines. Casper’s quality mattresses are built in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Tuft & Needle

This quality manufacturer of their mattress in a box has only one model. Owners have no need for box springs or bed stands as the Tuft and Needle’s mattress pumps up to full shape after releasings it from its vacuum seal. This leading mattress in a box uses triple-layer blended foam as its top layer, helping people stay cool and comfy.


This ten-inch mattress is crafted from ten continuous inches of foam. The base is made from a half-foot of support foam, on top of which memory and Avena foam lay, featuring two inches of each. This mattress in a box uses Avena foam as an alternative to latex foam, a material that many people are allergic to.


This unique mattress in a box uses coils, foam, and pillow tops to keep customers sleeping soundly throughout the night. Unlike many other mattresses of its kind, the Saatva mattress utilizes coils for even the pickiest of consumers.