The Market’s Best Choices of Mattress in a Box

A majority of United States consumers choose to purchase goods online for convenience, easier returns, and wider selections. Buying things in person, whether it be a small town or jam-packed metropolitan area, provides for less direct competition than buying things online. People — given they have a technological device and access to Internet — can shop for virtually anything one can imagine. As shopping for goods in general online is the approach of the future, buying a mattress in a box shipped directly to your door is largely the way of modern furniture-purchasing Americans.

Let’s dig into some of the market’s most popular choices of mattress in a box to help narrow down which brand and particular model you are best suited for, along with other information about these compe


Casper’s high-quality mattress in a box is one of the upcoming digital-based industry’s finest beds. The manufacturers of “The Casper” put together four layers of comfit-providing cushion to those who lay on it. Three 1.5-inch layers of various foams sit atop five inches of base foam, a solid basis for the rest of the foams to rest on.

This manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of quality mattresses is headquartered in New York City. They have a number of radio, television, and digitally-based advertisements to build unmatched awareness of their mattress in a box product lines. Casper’s quality mattresses are built in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Tuft & Needle

This quality manufacturer of their mattress in a box has only one model. Owners have no need for box springs or bed stands as the Tuft and Needle’s mattress pumps up to full shape after releasings it from its vacuum seal. This leading mattress in a box uses triple-layer blended foam as its top layer, helping people stay cool and comfy.


This ten-inch mattress is crafted from ten continuous inches of foam. The base is made from a half-foot of support foam, on top of which memory and Avena foam lay, featuring two inches of each. This mattress in a box uses Avena foam as an alternative to latex foam, a material that many people are allergic to.


This unique mattress in a box uses coils, foam, and pillow tops to keep customers sleeping soundly throughout the night. Unlike many other mattresses of its kind, the Saatva mattress utilizes coils for even the pickiest of consumers.